GSAE Database

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Calling all Greater Sidney Area Emmaus members!

Have you moved?
Changed phone numbers?
How about a new email address?

We are in the process of updating the database and need everyone’s help in doing so!
Your address information is only used for the news letters when available.
And your email is used to send reminders about upcoming events in the community.
The information is also used to record when someone serves on the live in team.

We would like for you to send us the following information please.

Your Full Name
(if you have a common name like Joe Smith, please include your middle initial)
(If you used a Nickname please list it as well)

Home Address
(mailing address include your city state and zip code)

Phone Number
(include your home and cell)

Email Address
(please only give us your most commonly used one)

Original Walk #
(we only need the walk that you were a Pilgrim on, however,
if you know all the walks that you have been a team member on as well as the talks
you have given that would be very helpful)

Please send this information to:

Greater Sidney Area Emmaus Updates
Attn: Corinne Olson
P.O. Box 366
Anna, Ohio 45302